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Vikings Sports

In the period from 800 to 1050 A.D., the Vikings made their dramatic entry into the European arena. They stormed forth, battling well established societies which were accustomed to conflict, but not the startling tactics of the Vikings. The word Viking meant "pirate", a reference to their raiding and pillaging of settlements across Europe. Vikings were also very skilled craftsmen and highly successful farmers. The Vikings liked to fight up close, hand to hand. The Vikings practically invented the blitzkrieg or surprise attack. There would be no warning before they struck. They sailed quickly into port and then created havoc for everyone in their path until their raid was finished. Then as quickly as they arrived, they departed. The battle was often over before the enemy had a chance to react. If the Vikings faced an enemy waiting on shore for their attack, the first battle tactic used was fear. The Viking's appearance of great size, healthy good looks, and heroism frightened even the bravest enemy. This tactic proved so successful, the government of Paris paid the Vikings in silver coins not to attack, and gave them part of France, now called Normandy. The Vikings had a reputation of being fearless fighters. When outnumbered, they fought with bare hands and often formed a tight circle to defend themselves to the end.

And now "Our Clarkstown South Viking History" (in progress!)

The 1974 Viking team ended a championship season with an unblemished 9-0 record and went on to take the No. 20 spot in the New York State standings. The team coached by an excellent coaching staff consisting of John McConegly, Vincent Ferrandino and Maurice Scro, who was justly awarded the R.C.P.S.A.L. Coach of the Year award.

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